Thursday, April 17, 2014

Many factors for selection of designer watch

Watch on your wrist reflects your status, your personal taste and it completely shows who you are. Above all, it is the most important part of our daily life. Even though, mobile phones entered our lives which also do the work of time keeping, no one prefers to go out of their house, without watch on their wrist. Watches are modernized and are improved technically. And so they are said to be the blend of both fashion and technology.

Demand for brands:
As everyone, including men, women and children of any designation want to design their style statement; so, branded ones have become more popular than the normal ones. Women selection of designer watches depends on various factors. Some of the brands that they like are Breitling, Rolex, Christian Dior, Micheal Kors, Coach, Piaget, Burberry, Patek Philippe and others.  

Bands also matter:
One of the main factors that are considered by women in choosing the right one is the band of the watch. The bands are made of many types of materials like ceramic, brass, resin, leather, gold, stain less steel, and rubber. The most common selection of material of bands is stainless steel and gold. They enhance the beauty of the watch, make it classier, and make it appear like jewelry.

Display is also important:
 Whatever many be the design of the watch, choosing the type of display is must. There are two types of displays which are digital and analog. Choose the one that best suits your personal style and also your needs. When the matter of fashion and style, analog display comes is mostly selected than the digital ones. Digital displays are preferred more for practical uses.   

Safety is important:

When you buy an expensive designer watch, you must keep it safe.  You must try to maintain it so that it doesn’t get damaged early. After using the watch, don’t keep it anywhere. Store it in its original box. Don’t store it along with other jewelry because, they may get damaged because of hard gems in jewelry. Clean it once in a month, if yours is gold or any metal watch. 

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